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Experimental Evolution: Identifying Pathways of Viral Resistance

By: Dasyre Sires

Abstract Phage therapy and antibiotics have been used in treating bacterial infections for nearly a century. However, bacterial mutations over time have allowed bacteria to advance in fitness and, in turn, resistance to these treatments. In this experiment we evolve phage-resistant bacteria to observe the mutations present on a genomic level. Pairing these observations with …

Differences in Body Composition, Resting Metabolic Rate, and Sleep Quality Following a 6-Week Protein Supplementation Intervention in Collegiate Dancers

By: Hannah Bideganeta

Abstract Dancers are often under pressure to maintain a lean physique; therefore it is common to observe unhealthy dieting behaviors leading to inadequate caloric intake and protein (PRO), which may negatively alter body composition (BC). PURPOSE: To assess collegiate dancers’ dietary intake, BC, resting metabolic rate (RMR), and total sleep (TS) following a 6-week PRO …