Improving Biometric Data Collection for Female Athletes

Improving Biometric Data Collection for Female Athletes

By: Claire Smith    Email:

Home Town: Genesee Idaho    High School: Genesee High School

Major: Apparel, Textiles, & Design
Department: Family and Consumer Sciences
College: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

The innovative field of biometrics has existed for more than a century in the medical and sports fields.
In the athletic domain, biometric data are the measurements of physical and physiological information
for assessment of performance and recovery in sports. Much of the existing biometric-based research
from the United State has been conducted on primarily on men which limits the ability to apply the
results to female athletes. Wearable data collection devices are typically focused on the chest area and
use a chest band or vest type structure. These device types are not compatible with sports bras which
are typically worn by female athletes. The purpose of this research project is to create a simple,
supportive bra for female athletes that includes biometric data collectors that will accurately measure
the biometric data of respiration and heart rate for female athletes.

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Year in College Project Started:  Senior

Faculty Advisor:   Lori  Wahl

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Funding Source:  OUR Undergraduate Research Grant

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Project Location:   Moscow, Idaho